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​I'm a graphic designer, freelance photographer, and student at Rutgers University in Camden, NJ. Growing up in Philadelphia, I had an interest in art at a young age. Moving from place to place and traveling to different cities in the past few years has developed my passion for photography, fine arts, and urban culture. As a graphic designer, I enjoy editorial design for it's marriage of both imagery and typography.


My photography focuses on candid moments, the things we overlook in our busy day-to-day activities. Sometimes the best moments are the one's that are purely coincidence. It could be as subtle as an ice cream cone on the ground, or as random as two trains stopping at the same station. Living in the city provides me an endless supply of unique candid shots. In street photography, the idea of impermanence always attracted me. Cities are always adding and subtracting things on a daily basis. Graffiti especially exudes this quality, which is a common subject in a lot of my shots.When I'm not shooting or designing, I'm usually cruising my longboard, hunting for new music, or looking for a good spot to eat in Philly. On this site you'll find some of my college portfolio works, some of my photography series, as well as projects I'm currently focusing on. If you are interested in any collaboration or commission work please submit your inquiry to the contact page or email me directly. I also appreciate feedback!


My freelance services include, but are not limited to:

-Professional Photo Shoots

-Photo Editing and re-touching

-Brand Identity Design & Consultation

-Logo Design

I have over four years of experience in both studio photography and graphic design. I have experience with darkroom photography, print production, book binding, as well as motion graphics and UI/UX design.

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